The wonderful thing about being a photo director is that...
The wonderful thing about being a photo director is that you bring your eye and production experience to a changing landscape. Unlike photographers who may specialize in animals, golf courses or portraits of CEOs, a photo director has the pleasure of hovering over myriad specialties and borrowing techniques and styles from each to make something new every time.

Photography is a team effort and I have had the honor of working with some of the world’s most spellbinding photographers and producers. We have traveled the world on behalf of the large and powerful and the small upstart. All of whom have been given the same effort and, to a one, have been delighted in unexpected ways. Advertising, editorial, travel, pharma, food, foundation, photo essay—all work is a treasure. 

I take particular pride in numerous Communication Arts Awards for Photo Direction, continuous work for 20 years, teams that have given me the highest reviews and helped me bring in jobs on deadline and under budget. I am especially grateful for grand editorial assignments like Forbes@100 and The Gates Foundation, and for living in a time where visual language trumps all.


Portrait of Robyn Selman by Michael Prince.
The photographs that appear on this site have been created in partnership with David Arky, Levon Biss, Britt Chudleigh, Jon Kozowyk, Timothy Pannell, Michael Prince, Jamel Toppin, Franco Vogt, and Martin Schoeller.

Robyn Selman

Robyn Selman is the Director of Photography at Forbes Magazine and The Forbes Photography Collection since 2012. She is also the VP of Product Development at The New York Institute of Photography.
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